Sunday, December 7, 2014

I should have said "NO".....

I  should of said NO when it was decided for me and Jeanette and Debbie to transfer high schools in my junior year.  Big mistake.  I was a cheerleader and had tons of friends.  When we arrived at the new high school in our senior year everyone had their little clics and didn't want anyone new to be included.  I felt alone and not wanted, so I would go to the library and read.  I must have read hundreds of books that year.

I can't help but wonder how my life would have been if I had not made the decision to transfer.  Stupid decision.  I should have said NO.

You are making me feel uncomfortable, like watching every move I make, like making sure I don’t knock over anything, or touch your stuff, like a kid.  I’m on edge, tip towing around, and trying to do everything the way you want it done.  I don’t feel free, and “Free” is my middle name.  So, you can have your stuff and your life and your perfect world, good luck with that.  I want freedom and peace and pleasure and laughter and fun.  I want to be me…..that is all!